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DISMANTLES: This applies to those situations where a tree has to be removed but it is in an awkward location whereby the felling could cause potential damage to structures underneath. It therefore needs to be removed in sections using advanced rigging techniques, and occasionally needing the use of a crane to lower the timber safely to the ground.

FELLING: The straight felling of trees refers to the removal of a tree in a single cut at ground level. This method will only be used in situations which pose zero risk of damage to any property or persons whatsoever. It is a commonly used technique in our forestry operations.

POLLARDING: To pollard a tree means to remove the entire crown of the tree down to the main fork of the trunk. There are a number of reasons for using this technique, the main one being if the tree has significant die back in the canopy and, as a consequence, is deteriorating rapidly. Pollarding allows the tree a greater chance of survival because the removal of the high canopy means that the it no longer needs to pump water and nutrients up into that area. The roots will not need to work as hard and the tree will be significantly less stressed.

STUMP GRINDING: Stump grinding is the total removal of the stump and any lateral roots belonging to the tree. This is normally achieved by using a stump grinding machine. The stump can be ground to a specified depth, generally between 150mm and 300mm. After the completion of the stump removal, the remaining hole will be back-filled with soil or grinding waste to leave minimal trace of the work.  

REDUCTIONS, THINNING AND CROWN LIFTING - Each tree will be individually considered in relation to its shape, size, character, condition, site and species. Our aim is always to leave the tree in an aesthetical, well-balanced and safe condition. All cuts will be made to the standards set out in the guidelines BS3998. Any large limbs posing a threat will be lowered using rigging techniques to avoid damage to the tree and its surroundings, and we will ensure that all sections fall to the ground in a controlled manner. Whilst the work is being done, we pay close attention to the condition of the tree, keeping a look out for any disease or dead wood.

HEDGE TRIMMING: With careful trimming and shaping we can leave shrubs and hedges of all sizes looking neat and tidy.

CHIPPING: As a by-product of our tree work, we produce wood chip… a lot of it! Wood chip can be used for creating pathways, keeping weeds down and, once decomposed, it becomes an effective nutrient. We sell our wood chip by the truck load or dumpy bag. 

FIREWOOD: 100% of the arisings from our tree work is recycled. All timber larger than 8 inches and unable to go through the chipper will be processed for logs. The logs are processed into dumpy bags and then left for at least a year before delivery.

Kindling: £10 - Lighters £10

All prices include VAT

Hard Wood Bag

£1000.9 Cubic Mtr

Mixed Wood Bag

£900.9 Cubic Mtr

Soft Wood Bag

£800.9 Cubic Mtr

WOODLAND MANAGEMENT: From selective thinning to larger-scale fell clearance, Lange Tree Management has the expertise and experience to help, having worked in the area for many years. 

ODD JOBS: Sometime our skills are needed in situations beyond just tree work! Our unusual jobs have ranged from helping a cat stuck in a tree in Rock Park, to installing Christmas lights at the top of an 80ft Spruce, to pulling out a stuck tractor with our 8T forestry winch.

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    We spent a morning in Bideford, North Devon removing dead or damaged limbs from a mature Holm Oak. It certainly feel nice to be working in a t shirt again. ...
  We spent a few days in Bideford felling trees in preperataion for the development of a new care home, this Large Beech was removed due to severe decay making it unsafe. ...
After a night of strong North Westerly winds we spent the day on clean up duties dealing with storm damaged trees. The tracked chipper proved very handy at this job dragging branches and timber out of the lake!...

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